February 7

A Spirit of Positivity Infuses My Life


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Life brings knowledge, wisdom, and contentment. I have the power to make my life positive. Regardless of what happens to me today, my positive nature prevails.

I remind myself to think happy thoughts and reflect on everything that is good, wholesome, and fruitful in my life. When I concentrate on sharing my positivity with others, it not only lifts my spirits, it shines on to the world.

At home, I acknowledge the positive behavior of my children. When I verbally praise them, their eyes light up and they smile. Whenever I see my kids struggling with something, I allow them the time and space to resolve it. I believe they can learn to overcome their own challenges.

Their reactions tell me I am doing the right thing by taking a positive parenting approach.

When my partner helps me out, I feel grateful. The positive nature of our relationship gives me strength. I am sure that the love we share gets deeper and stronger because of my affirmation and open acceptance.

My career also affords me the opportunity to share my positive nature. My bright and confident attitude toward others inspires my co-workers. I see the magic I can do by staying positive each day at work.

Today, I plan to focus on sending out positive vibes to those around me. I can live a charmed life as I continue to impact the lives of others. I strive to offer encouraging words and a smile to maintain a positive outlook.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. How much positivity do I show to others each day?
  2. Do I notice the reactions of others when I express positivity?
  3. When I am feeling less than positive, what are my thoughts? What steps can I take in the future to transform those feelings into positive ones?


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