February 7

Becoming resilient requires confronting adversity


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I embrace new challenges, even when success seems unlikely. I know that when I learn from my mistakes, I increase my potential for future successes. I take pride in my ability to recover from missteps.

Each time I stumble, I pick myself up. The more often this occurs, the easier it becomes to recover.

Adversity empowers me.

Enduring through misfortune strengthens my resolve. I become more persistent, my sense of resilience is reinforced. I grow stronger, more confident, and less afraid of the challenges that await me.

Being resilient takes practice and commitment.

Where others find it easy to give up, I now find it difficult to quit. I push through the most difficult obstacles by identifying the possibilities of improvement awaiting me at the end.

I share with others my ability to confront adversity with a positive attitude. As a result, we become a stronger team. Others depend on me for my strength, and I am able to depend on them, too. I am strong on my own, but as a team, we are unstoppable.

Today, I am resilient to adversity. I embrace my failures and learn from them. I gladly take on new obstacles. I feel confident about enlisting the assistance of those around me, so we can face the challenge together.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. What lessons do I learn from failure?
  2. Which character traits improve my ability to be resilient?
  3. What is the most difficult part of facing adversity?


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