First things first… you ARE awesome for becoming a part of the Excel Group...and I REALLY mean that. I talk to 30-40 people per week in various capacities and most people complain and complain about their situation, but NEVER do anything about it. You have. So I applaud you for that.

Antonio Thornton - Fearless IMpact

Here are the next steps

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    Bookmark this page.
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    Go back to step 1 and make sure you have actually bookmarked the page
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    This is yet another reminder to bookmark this page. 90% of the people who sign up for the coaching group get excited about joining the program and say, “I want to read through everything first…then I’ll come back and bookmark the page later” But inevitably, they forget, and end up telling me “I can’t find the excel welcome page…...” So…….




    Bookmark the page, then come back to read the rest of the instructions. Please and thank you :-) 
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    Make a note in your calendar about the DAILY CALLS:
    Monday, Wed, Friday 11:00AM EASTERN
    Tuesday, Thursday 4:00 PM EASTERN
    CALLS ARE ON ZOOM HERE --->>> antoniozoom.com
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    If you’re BRAND NEW, sign up for your initial strategy session here https://www.scheduleyou.in/3dPmx4 (DO NOT USE THIS LINK AFTER YOU’VE DONE YOUR INITIAL SESSION)
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    Join the Slack group here: https://join.slack.com/t/excel-group-workspace/shared_invite/zt-mkmqpqly-rEHacy6wnqphhz6oRt7Clg
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    This is the intake questionnaire form you need to complete at least 48 hours BEFORE your coaching session: http://rondouglas.com/edu/excel-intake/
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    If you need to schedule call you can use: meetwithantonio.com/coaching
  9. 9
    Go to https://useloom.com and Install the Loom Chrome extension.
    Loom allows you to record your screen to show us anything you need us to see. That helps expedite the process of getting you the support you need.
  10. 10
    Download zoom at https://zoom.us. Please note this is different from loom. We will need to use this to share screens. Please do this in advance. You will always use http://antoniozoom.com for ZOOM meetings
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  12. 12
    All Call Recordings: https://omrecipe.com/courses/omr/

Rules of Engagement

  • Slack group
  • You will get out of the coaching what you put into it. Please DO NOT SUFFER IN SILENCE This doesn’t benefit either of us.
  • Please refrain from texting, calling, emailing, etc me between 3pm and 7pm EASTERN. This is the time I’m with my kids. Please note: I answer the phone during that time because I assume if anyone is calling during that time, it’s an emergency. Please do not call me during that time about a non-emergency issue. You will get one warning. After that, you’ll be removed from the Excel program with no refund.
  • I encourage everyone to work with each other, but PLEASE DON’T PITCH each other. I will help with facilitating joint ventures when available...but please, please don't be “that guy” who annoys everyone with some lame pitch.